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How Choose a Kitchen Island for Your Home

July 14, 2013

KITCHEN ISLANDSIf you do not know how to choose a kitchen island for the kitchen in your home, you could follow the tips below. An island can add value to the design of your interior and to your entire property. There are many other advantages that you could gain and the most common can be space and style. Many times kitchens do not provide that opened space that you may desire to have, but there are solutions for this. There are also a few factors that could matter when you decide to make a kitchen island, such as the required and available space, the role that your island will have, or the chosen design.

The Importance of Seating

Comfort can be important and providing benches that guests could sit on can be great. The benches can have a back or not, but they should be considered, for having a complete dining experience. If you have a bar, you can use bar stools to make the atmosphere complete. You can choose between of classical wooden stools and modern, which can have a futuristic appearance. The amount of chairs that you can use can depend on the available space, but at least two should be used.

What the Role of an Oasis Is?

You must think well what the purpose of the oasis will be. If you want it to more social, you could separate the food preparing area from the dining place. You can use the area under the worktop for storage, or you can add a microwave and a dishwasher.

Preferred Design and Style

When design and style are involved, there are no limits. You can decorate the place according to your budget and taste. The cabinets of the oasis do not have to be the same as the ones from the rest of the kitchen.

How Much Space You Really Need?

If you really want to have plenty of space after installing an oasis, make sure your kitchen is large enough. The best thing you can do can be to make the island smaller. Replacing your cabinets and countertop can also be a good solution. When you have much space, you can use larger chairs as seating. If you really want the oasis to be useful and not just decorative, consider having as much space as possible.

Are You Doing It Yourself or Use Professional Services?

It can be great to do everything on your own. But, no matter if you choose to do it yourself or use the services of a company in the field, you should consider the advice of a specialist. In fact, a professional can tell you if the DIY procedure is even possible.

Can a Dinning Place Be Really Necessary?

A dining place can be ideal if you make the oasis for social purposes. If not, you can include a minimalistic area just for you, or such a spot can be completely missing from your island.

A Kitchen Island can provide an opened space, more storage and a better aesthetic aspect. The best oasis can be the one that has good seating, a sink, small appliances, glass-ceramic plate and a dining space. You can keep all your storage at the bottom. Before choosing or deciding anything, listen to the advice of an expert.

Custom Butcher Blocks and its Maintenance

July 14, 2013

butcher blockKitchen remodeling is one of the best investments one can make. Counters of the kitchen are considered one of the most important components; for a sound investment one should select the surface which suits best according to one’s need and it fits the décor of the kitchen. There are various types of counter top surfaces across the market; one can choose within their budget and choice. Multi-colored laminate, granite, ceramic tiles, stainless steel, wood or custom butcher block are the current counter top surfaces and; it is well accepted by the market and is the choice of fix and flip investors and builders. Wood is considered as the best building material as it is said to be healthiest. Solid woods are sturdy and reliable material that last for long time without much protection. Wood being a natural environment reacts differently in the environment.

A style of assembled woods which are used for table tops, chopping blocks and cutting boards are known as butcher blocks. It is mostly used in the butcher shop and is now used in homes. They are two types of it – edge grain and end grain. Many people use this either as an option to stone or as a laminate counter top. These tops need some special care and maintenance. Below are some of the care and maintenance required for the custom butcher blocks.


Never place the wood top near the stoves to avoid extreme heat, check whether there is in an insulation placed appropriately between the source of heat and the panels. Never spill the vinegar on the panels with oil finish as it causes cupping and cracking. Corrosive chemicals and harsh detergents should be strictly avoided.
Coat with mineral oil: Coat the top, sides and bottom of the panel with oil; Proterra mineral oil is recommended. The oil gives protection against the humidity caused due to water faucets, sinks, etc. It should be applied using a soft brush and should be spread evenly; after 25-30 minutes excess oil should be removed by using a kitchen paper.

Warping and cupping:

Warping and cupping happens when there is a difference in moisture between the bottom and top. The tops should be placed on a hard and flat surface. Heavy objects should be placed uniformly to straighten it; it takes about 12 hours to straighten it. After it is straighten completely, oil on the both sides.


If your butcher blocks are oiled periodically and is properly sealed and installed then it is not in need of much repairing. If there are improper environmental conditions and low maintenance then some problem may arise, these should be fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Cut marks, scratches and food stains:

These should be removed by brushing and by re-applying oil.

End splits:

If the panels without being sealed properly are placed in a dry environment then it is manifested by the end splits. To repair it you should take some wood glue which is water based and apply it in a small quantity to thoroughly fill the cracks.

Benefits of getting butcher blocks online

July 14, 2013

BUTCHER BLOCK COUNTERTOPSWhere can you find butcher blocks for sale? This can be a possible question in case you will like to buy blocks. There are various stores that you can find in your locality that are specializing in selling countertops. Blocks will tend to come in different designs from different manufacturers. It is advisable for you to decide on a design that will best meet your needs before visiting any store with an intention of buying. There are different benefits of buying blocks online that you should know. In buying your blocks for sale from online stores you will be able to receive different benefits. Here are some benefits of buying your blocks online.

Being able to do your shopping any time of the day

You may be too busy in your daily routine where it becomes hard for you to get time of walking to different stores in your locality to buy your butcher block. With online stores you can decide after you are from work and you are tired to just relax with your computer and place an order. It will avoid you any inconvenience that may be brought about in visiting different stores to buy. Online stores will tend to operate for many hours of the day. This is highly beneficial to you as a buyer in buying your blocks for sale.

Comparing the prices is easy in online stores

For you to be able to save some amount in buying your blocks you will need to compare the prices and decide on the store with the most attractive prices .With online stores you will just seat in your room and do the comparison online by visiting different stores selling the blocks online. This is highly convenient because you will not waste a lot of time in doing your comparison. There are stores which give discounts on the sale of their blocks. When doing your comparison online you can easily get to know those stores because the information will be provided in their websites.

Being able to buy blocks that you have decided

There are times you may decide on particular items to buy but you end up being convinced to buy items resembling them in a given store. This is due to the persuasive nature of some attendants in local stores who will try as much as possible to convince you so that you can buy the products in their stores in case they don’t have the exact item that you have ordered .In doing your blocks for sale shopping online you will be able to select the exact item that you are interested in buying without being advised otherwise by the attendants.

Accessing wide variety of  blocks for sale online

Some online stores are owned by the manufacturers hence doing shopping from them will enable you access a wide variety of blocks. There are new designs of blocks that may have been manufactured without you knowing. By just visiting online stores websites owned by the manufactures you will find them displayed .This can easily enable you buy the latest design which is highly beneficial on your side.

Here is where you can find blocks for sale online

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July 3, 2013

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